Tru-Con™ Macroscale Chemistry Kit

Tru-Con™ Macroscale Chemistry Kit High performance glassware Safe and convenient Tru-Con™ threaded connections Grease-free, gas-tight seals on all connections Quickly and safely assemble a wide variety of experiments with the components available in this high-performance kit. Tru-Con, GL 25 threaded connections make for speedy set-up and can be used to configure experiments using simple, fractional […]

TLC Developing Tanks

TLC Developing Tanks NDS Technologies TLC Developing Tanks are manufactured using heavy-duty, clear-sided glass. The developing tanks are designed to for use with 10 x 10cm, 10 x 20cm and 20 x 20cm TLC plates. Tops of tanks are ground to provide a reliable seal to the lid. Tanks have a ridge molded into the […]

Integrated Four & Five Valve HPLC Mobile Phase Handling Systems

Integrated Four & Five Valve HPLC Mobile Phase Handling Systems Safety coated autoclavable PVC Protection for light sensitive material to 385nm Specially designed valves and connections to assure leak-free operation (using helium) Easy-to-assemble cap and reservoir Manufactured completely of inert materials Special bottom profile improves mixing Finger tip controls for easy, precise controls Low profile […]