NDS glassblowers fabricate every product by hand according to both customer specifications and ASTM standards. Our columns can be used for gravity and pressure applications.

Measuring Tools

Custom Fabrication

At NDS Technologies, we are capable of modifying products in any way our customers need. Common modifications include: custom volume capacities for flasks, reservoirs, carboys, custom graduation scales, and additional hose connections and joints.

Finishing by NDS Technologies


NDS Technologies has the capability to place custom markings on glassware. Such as, silk screen printing, decal application, and scoring.

Glass Forming

Our capabilities cover a wide range of processes that allow us to customize and shape specific glassware to your needs. Some example of some of the glass forming we do are: lampworking, lathe work, shrinking, graduation testing, finishing, tooling, and much more.

Machining by NDS Technologies


Our machine shop facility has the capability to work with different types of metals and plastics, including Clear Numerical Control (CNC) methods for precise engineering.

Opto-Electronics by NDS Technologies


Our Opto-Electronics division specializes in glass-to-metal feed-thru seals that are critical for the function of various optic applications. We also work with sapphire lenses, which are harder and clearer than borosilicate glass.

Precision Bore Tubing

  • Lengths from 5 mm to 100 cm
  • Diameters from 0.5 mm to 150 mm

Short Path Distillation

Our short path distillation kit can be used to extract high concentrations of organic biomass from floral and plant materials.

Volumetric Glassware

Our facility graduates and calibrates volumetric glassware to Class A certifications according to ASTM E542 standards.