Custom Fabrication

We specialize in turning your requirements and concepts into unique solutions that meet your organization’s specifications. We produce a large variety of products that are used by medical, scientific, educational, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology customers to support their research and production.

Custom Design

Our custom design engineers work directly with you to turn your concepts and prototypes into a reality. We have many capabilities, including: custom glass forming, precision bore tubing, machining, volumetric glassware, opto-electronics, glass to metal seals, lasers, and finishing. Our highly experienced glassblowers can work with capacities from 1 mL to 100 liters, and work with high quality, low expansion borosilicate glass (Pyrex, Schott, Kimax, and more).


Users of scientific glassware find themselves settling for whatever standard products are available. However, here at NDS Technologies, we are capable of modifying products in any way our customers need. Common modifications include:

  • Custom volume capacities for flasks, reservoirs, carboys, flasks, cylinders, and more.
  • Custom graduation scales (increments, line markings, etc.)
  • Different size hose connections and joints
  • Additional hose connections and joints
  • Various dimensional modifications including height, width, length, diameters, etc.



We have found that many times, glassware users discard broken items. NDS Technologies has the ability to repair various broken glassware, including but not limited to:

  • Replace or repair broken hose connections, joints, valve stems, stopcocks, high vacuum valves, syringe tips, manifolds, adapters, and stems
  • Unfreeze stopcocks and joints

If we can’t salvage your glassware, our engineers have the capability of recreating most of your items, or you can replace it completely with one of our standard products.

To get started with a free quote, contact us directly at 1(800) 6370 – 0377 or at [email protected]