NDS Custom Glass Center

NDS Technologies, Inc. is a leading scientific labware design and fabrication company located in the Vineland, NJ area. We specialize in turning your requirements and concepts into unique solutions that meet your organization’s specifications. What makes NDS different is that we have the expertise and craftspeople to complete entire projects in-house. The worldwide need for technically sophisticated, scientific products fabricated from borosilicate glass is rising while the supply of craftspeople is actually declining. NDS has a team of master glassworkers with hundreds of years of combined scientific glassware manufacturing experience. We produce a large variety of products that are used daily by medical, scientific, educational, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology professionals to support their research and production. In addition, NDS is also uniquely able to provide design and production support for plastic and metal as well as solutions utilizing a diversity of materials and components. Please contact NDS today to discuss how we can partner with you to provide the solutions you need. Request a  quote on any custom design or modification to existing glassware components.

Within the scope of these capabilities, NDS offers the Custom Glass Center for modifications, repairs, and manufacturing of products to suit your specific glassware needs.

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