Glass Forming

Our capabilities cover a wide range of processes that allow us to customize and shape specific glassware to your needs.


• Gives us the ability to manufacture custom glassware to meet the specific needs of our customers. The benefit of lampworking is small quantities and high customization.

Lathe Work

• Lathe Work is similar to lamp work, except it is used when products are too large or the quantities are too many. NDS can still perform customizations even at this magnitude.


• Shrinking is the process of warming glassware to a very specific inner diameter (I.D.). NDS has the capabilities of meeting different I.D. sizes commonly used for tissue grinders.

Graduation Testing

• Graduation Testing is used to measure specific volumes of glassware. NDS has the capability of meeting ASTM certified testing with mercury or water.



  • NDS has the capabilities to place custom markings on glassware. Such as silk screen printing, decal application, and scoring.
  • We are able to place customer logos, special markings, and serial numbers on any glassware you may need.


Silk screening & Decaling

  • We can print custom artwork, graduation lines, special markings, and other types of information on any piece of glassware.



  • NDS is able to take any piece of glass tubing and transform it into any shape or size that can meet virtually any specification required.

Machine Grinding

  • We can grind glassware to specific sizes, diameters, tolerances, etc… common machine grinding includes grounded joints, tissue grinders and microfiltration assemblies.