Short Path Distillation

This short path distillation kit can be used to extract high concentrations of organic biomass from floral and plant materials.

Short Path Steam Distillation Apparatus Manufactured by NDS Technologies, Inc. -
Short Path Steam Distillation Apparatus Manufactured by NDS Technologies, Inc. –

NDS provides this kit as a “plug and play” system and it comes with everything the user would need in order to set up in conjunction with a vacuum and chiller. We are located in Vineland, New Jersey, USA and all of our glassware is handmade by some of the worlds best scientific glassblowers. We manufacture all of our products so you don’t have to worry about us being “out of stock” because we already have it in our inventory.

All the glassware included in this kit is high quality borosilicate glass using either pyrex or schott glass. Our products are properly made to withstand high temperatures that ensure the safest operation possible.

This short path distillation kit includes everything seen in the photo:

– 2 Liter Round Bottom Boiling Flask with 2 necks

– A short path distillation head with vigeruex indents and longer consender that provide high efficiency during distillation

– Thermometer and adapter for measuring the temperature of steam

– 250mL Cow-type reciever (monocow)

– Two 250mL round bottom flasks

– One 500mL round bottom flask

– A dry ice trap with a 1 liter round bottom flask to catch materials and hydrosol to avoid wasted product.

NDS wants to ensure our customers have everything they need to set up the short path distillation system as “plug and play” kit. So we are also including the following items in the kit:

– Heating Mantle with a thermal coupler that allows the user to monitor temperature, and built-in stirring magnet (stirrer also included)

– Heating Mantle clamp stand for securing the system by the distillation head

– 6×6 adjustable laboratory jack stand

– Cork ring flask supports

– Triangular clamp stand used for supporting the dry ice trap.

– All hose connections, clamps, and tubing required to set up with your own vacuum pump and chiller.

If you still have questions about our Short Path Distillation kit or other concerns, you can contact us directly by clicking here and sending us a message. Or call us at 1-800-637-0377 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm USA EST.

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