Tru-Con™ GL 45 to Standard Taper Glassware Adapter

Tru-Con™ GL 45 to Standard Taper Glassware Adapter

Brilliant little performer connects media bottles with drip rings to standard taper glassware.

  • Converts GL 45 threads to standard taper, 24/40 glassware
  • Developed in a hard-working lab like yours
  • Design ensures only glass and PTFE contact

This innovative adapter can expand the role your GL 45 media bottles with drip rings play in the lab. Multi-talented and easy to work with, this adapter features a standard taper, 24/40 outer joint at the top. With the PTFE body in place, just thread the coupler and body onto your bottle and tighten. Then, insert your standard taper glassware in the top and attach the polyacetal clamp. A secure, positive connection is achieved and the assembly is ready to perform. The adapter also plays well when teamed with your lab’s rotary evaporator. And who knows, when you find other parts for this brilliant, little performer, we’d love to hear from you.

Above: NDS Article No. 1083-08 shown in use with a media bottle and NDS Powder Addition Funnel Article No. 4434-08

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