NDS Welcomes O’Rourke Enterprises

NDS Technologies, Inc., is very proud to announce the acquisition of O’Rourke Enterprises, located in Lumberton, NJ. O’Rourke Enterprises was founded in 1983 by William O’Rourke, after many years pursuing, developing, and perfecting his glassblowing skills. O’Rourke Enterprises provides the highly specialized glassblowing capabilities required in the manufacturing of scientific and opto-electronics components. Glass feed-thru […]

Tru-Con™ Macroscale Chemistry Kit

Tru-Con™ Macroscale Chemistry Kit High performance glassware Safe and convenient Tru-Con™ threaded connections Grease-free, gas-tight seals on all connections Quickly and safely assemble a wide variety of experiments with the components available in this high-performance kit. Tru-Con, GL 25 threaded connections make for speedy set-up and can be used to configure experiments using simple, fractional […]

TLC Developing Tanks

TLC Developing Tanks NDS Technologies TLC Developing Tanks are manufactured using heavy-duty, clear-sided glass. The developing tanks are designed to for use with 10 x 10cm, 10 x 20cm and 20 x 20cm TLC plates. Tops of tanks are ground to provide a reliable seal to the lid. Tanks have a ridge molded into the […]

Integrated Four & Five Valve HPLC Mobile Phase Handling Systems

Integrated Four & Five Valve HPLC Mobile Phase Handling Systems Safety coated autoclavable PVC Protection for light sensitive material to 385nm Specially designed valves and connections to assure leak-free operation (using helium) Easy-to-assemble cap and reservoir Manufactured completely of inert materials Special bottom profile improves mixing Finger tip controls for easy, precise controls Low profile […]